our team

Customer Retention

Our experienced and smart Customer Retention team are the best in providing CRM solutions, we geek out over segmentation and multi variant testing! We are always optimising and adapting to engage our players in fun ways which also improve their lifetime value and longevity.

Customer Support

Led by our dedicated Customer Support team we offer a 7 day a week service which ensures happy, loyal customers. At Jumpman we care about player safety, our single-customer view and strict KYC checks in order to keep fraud and abuse at bay. Our team works extra hard to make sure the playing experience with us is smooth and easy.


Our inspirational Design team add the creative magic to all our sites! Design is responsible for our creative vision and their innovation brings our sites to life.


Network work hard to collaborate and build strong relationships with our partners. Our team is dedicated to give each and every partner a personable and enjoyable experience while working with Jumpman.

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